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Fullington Academy began operations in the fall of 1970.  There were only two buildings at that time; the primary building and the high school building.  These buildings were used to educate students in the first through twelfth grades.   Mr. C.T. Alexander was the first headmaster, he oversaw a faculty which consisted of sixteen members and a student body of 349 pupils.  The gymnasium was completed in the Fall of 1970.    Wayne Smith, a Fullington Senior in 1970-1971 and class president, drew the Trojan head on the center of the court as the official mascot of the school.  The first basketball game was held in January 1971. It marked the beginning of Fullington athletics which now includes football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, track, and golf.

We have expanded to six buildings to accommodate our growth over the years.  Garden Hall was our 6th addition in 1997 and is named for longtime Headmaster, Jerry R. Garden.  Mr. Garden served as Headmaster of Fullington Academy for twenty-seven years before retiring in 2013.   The current Head of School, Dr. Rose Campbell, is a veteran educator with twenty-five years of experience.  Fullington serves grades 3K-12th and has an enrollment of around 260 students.  Students come from Crisp, Dodge, Dooly, Houston, Macon, Peach, Pulaski and Wilcox Counties.  Our school history is deeply rooted in over fifty years of Embracing FAith, FAmily, and Education.