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Fullington Academy Student Blog Page

Fullington Academy - A Private School in South Georgia

February 08, 2023
By Gabrielle Graham

Fullington Academy- A Private School in Pinehurst, Ga 

A private school is supported by individuals rather than being supported by the government. Fullington Academy is an independently supported private school. This private school is supported by the many individuals who attend, the parents of attending students, alumni, board members, and others in the community. Let us dive into the private school known as Fullington Academy.  

Fullington Academy-Private School  
Fullington Academy is a well-rounded, private school that can be found in Pinehurst, Georgia. This delightful campus was established in 1970, and over 50 years has strived to help its students grow into versatile adults. Spread out over 20 acres which include buildings for kindergarten through twelfth grade, among other facilities.  

This private school is equipped with the resources to provide an education to individuals with learning challenges, through its very own Learning Center.  

While public schools are run by the government, Fullington Academy and most all other private schools are run by individuals. Fullington Academy is no stranger to how a private school is supported.  

Just like many other private schools, Fullington Academy consists of board members that serve three-year terms. The sole purpose of a private school board is to set policy, hire the head of the school, and ensure that the mission, vision, and standards of the school are upheld. Fullington Academy, among most private schools, shares the understanding that individual board members are unable to make decisions unless decided on as a group.  Fullington Academy has seven volunteers on their board of directors. 

Fullington Academy is a private school that holds high standards. The school’s standards can be seen just by looking at their administration. This private school contains a headmaster, dean of students, business manager, and office manager, along with an academic counselor. 

These qualified administrators strive every day to make sure the students of this private school are succeeding and pushing themselves to be their absolute best. Every student at Fullington is set on a solid path for their future thanks to these remarkable individuals.  

Fullington Academy is a private educational program with a reputable curriculum for students three years old and older. This private school operates during the school term for the typical school day, as defined by Georgia law, and consequently is exempt from licensing by the state of Georgia by Exemption Rule 591-1-1-.45(1)(b)2.  

Fullington Academy carries liability insurance that protects all of its facilities, students, and faculty.  Fullington Academy is among many other private schools that are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, Inc. with a Quality rating for our primary through 12th grades.   
Fullington’s Academy offers a 3K program that is a Georgia State Licensed Program certified by Bright From The Start under the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Fullington Academy is one of the handful of private schools in Georgia that offer this.  

Fullington Academy has a wide range of athletics to offer its students. Sports include football, softball, baseball, basketball, cross country, track, tennis, cheerleading, shooting sports, and golf.  
If your student is looking for an opportunity to showcase any sporting talent they may have, a private school like Fullington Academy is the perfect place. 
Fullington Academy is equipped with some of the top coaches that middle Georgia private schools have to offer. These coaches have led many of Fullington’s Academy’s students to region championships and state championships.  

If you and your children are looking for a private school that offers more than just sports, Fullington Academy has many extra-curricular activities to offer. If your student wants to get their hands dirty, learn all things agriculture, and be a part of a team, then the FFA program is just what they are looking for.  
If they are more outspoken and love to speak in front of large amounts of people, Fullington Academy offers Literary and One Act Play that competes against different private schools around Georgia. 
Maybe your child prefers to express their talent through paint or drawing, Fullington Academy offers art to the younger students. They also provide the art competition to grades 1st- 12th.  
Fullington Academy offers clubs to students whose grades represent them well. Fullington Academy offers Jr. and Sr. Beta Club like many other private schools. These clubs give your student a chance to give back to the community by donating items to those who are in need. 
If your high school student is interested in mentoring a younger student, Fullington Academy offers a FEG program. Future Educators of Georgia is a program that offers high school students a chance to spend time with a lower school student, known as a little buddy, once a month to allow both students a chance to bond with one another.   

Fullington Academy, alongside other private schools, offers 4-H for the younger grades. 4-H meets often and allows your child to take part in different leadership activities. Over the summer your child is offered the chance to apply for summer leadership trips and other fun events. 

Student life   
Students at Fullington Academy are presented with many different things to be a part of. While seen in some other private schools, Fullington Academy has decided to make a new addition to their student life by adding a Chapel.  
The chapel is led by a Worship service with many different Christian songs that are uplifting and moving songs. Worship is followed by a beautiful and moving message very own Dean of Students. To close the Chapel the students are led back into Worship to start their day.  

At the end of the school day, Fullington Academy understands that many of the student body’s parents work long hours and are not able to pick up their students at the bell of the day. Fullington Academy offers an after-school program that lasts until 5:30 pm. This provides a safe place for your student to stay until a family member is able to pick them up.  
Fullington Academy is a private school that offers different aspects that makes Fullington Academy different from other private schools in Georgia.