Elementary School Teachers

1st Grade – Mia Reneau            

2nd Grade – Jodie Greene

3rd Grade – Sandi Rucker

4th Grade – Wanda McGLamory

5th Grade – Leanne Worley

Aide - Fonnett Nutt

Music - Leia Knox

PE - Kristy Lamb 

Art - Kim Barron


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Sewell Hall is home to Fullington’s first through fifth grade classes.  Classes are self-contained, with some grades using small groups for Reading or Math to give students more individualized instruction.  Most subjects follow the ABeka Curriculum, with some grades supplementing curricula from BJU Press for Reading and Language. 

Students in the elementary building participate in several annual events including the Grandparents Day Program, the Spring Music Program, 5th Grade CHAMPS and Field Day.  Students also participate in the various school-wide fundraisers.


In addition, Fullington has several extracurricular activities to choose from for elementary.