Ninth through twelfth graders are classified as high school students at Fullington.  The curriculum at Fullington follows the College Preparatory Curriculum.  In addition to core classes, students can take electives such as PE, Agriculture, Yearbook, and Geography.  Students can participate in activities such as One Act Play and Spring Literary Competitions.  Fullington offers nine varsity level sports.  Also, students can join clubs like Senior Beta Club, 4H, FFA, and Future Educators of Georgia. 


High School Teachers

9th Grade -- Angela Hatcher (Math)

10th Grade -- Michelle Hughes (Science)

11th Grade --  LeSan Kimbrough(English)

12th Grade -- Chelsea Branch (History)

Physical Ed.             -- Van Bailey

Science                  -- Michelle Hughes

Spanish/Health           -- Kim Floyd

Math/Science           -- Angela Hatcher

Computer/Yearbook    -- Emily Harrell

Agriculture              -- Kathy Weesner

English                -- LeSan Kimbrough