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Discover Fullington Academy

We are located in the heart of Georgia in Pinehurst, nestled on Hwy 41 between Unadilla and Vienna.  For over fifty years, Fullington has been preparing students for college and bright careers. We welcome you to visit our campus which is spread out over twenty acres.  Our campus includes individual buildings for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. We have a beautiful gymnasium, football field, and sports complex including softball and baseball fields.  We also have a wonderful Learning Center for children with diagnosed learning differences.

You will find that Fullington Academy provides a safe, wholesome, well-rounded environment where children can learn and prosper.


Fullington Academy is in Pinehurst, Georgia, on highway 41 North.  This small town, with a population of a few hundred, hosts the only private academy in Dooly County.  Fullington has educated students for over 50 years, and it continues to provide exceptional educational opportunities for its students.  Its exceptionality is attested by the rigorous standards with which it must comply to continue as an academic facility.  The Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) governs academics and athletics.  Fullington is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and undergoes evaluation to maintain its status every five years.  However, the school is reviewed annually.

The school began operations as Fullington Academy in the fall of 1970.  There were only two buildings on campus.  The primary building and the high school building were used to educate students in the first through twelfth grades.  Mr. C.T. Alexander was the first headmaster.  He oversaw the faculty consisting of 16 members and a student body of 349 pupils.    

After the gymnasium was built, Wayne Smith, 1970-71 class president, drew the Trojan head on the center of the court as the official mascot of the school.  The first basketball game was held in January 1971, marking the beginning of Fullington Athletics.  football, softball, tennis, track, golf, and other events followed quickly.  

Sewell Hall was completed in 1973 and currently houses grades one through five.  

The Learning Center was founded in 1982. The building was originally a church pastorium situated beside a church prior to the opening of Fullington Academy. The pastorium was then sold to a family who made it their dwelling for many years before being purchased by our school around 1980. Over the next couple of years, the Learning Center was established and founded. In 2014, the house was moved and the Learning Center was rebuilt as the current building we have today.  The Center houses a program specifically for children with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder.  Students are supported through an individualized academic program.  Students are prepared to go back to the traditional education environment equipped with better skills in academics, organization, and self-advocacy.  These skills help students become independent and successful learners.

Garden Hall was completed in 1997.  It is named after former headmaster Jerry Garden who served Fullington Academy for twenty-five years.  He began in the 1974-1975 school year and continued his service until 2000.  This building houses grades six through eight as well as the lunchroom.  

The current Primary Building was built in 2014 to replace the “little white building” which had served as a lunchroom for the Pinehurst School many years prior to 1970. Fullington utilized the “little white building” with six classrooms which housed up to third grade for a number of years. As the need for more kindergarten rooms increased, the older building gradually began to be used exclusively for kindergarten classes. Today, the kindergarten classes enjoy the modernity of the new building while the “little white building” will be forever remembered fondly by decades of generations. 

School Mascot and Colors


Fullington Academy’s mascot is the Trojan.
The school colors are navy blue and yellow gold.

Alma Mater


Fullington we'll ere be faithful

Thy ideals uphold

Ever true and loyal lovers

Of the blue and gold


Hail, O Hail, our Alma Mater

Dearest ever known

Hail, Oh Hail, we'll never fail thee

Our dear high school home

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