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Coached by Caitlin Mixon, our XC runners train in a variety of landscapes throughout the year to work on speed and endurance for future courses.  Although they train year-round, the official season does not begin until June, with the first meet scheduled in August. Our Cross Country Team has competed in several meets and has won Region competitions and went on to compete in State.

Cross Country builds endurance and teaches the kids how to push through and never quit, which we believe is key to creating strong athletes who excel after they leave our school.

Cross Country starts in 1st grade and goes all the way to 12th grade. We build their endurance gradually yet challenge them as well.
• 1st – 5th graders run 1 mile
• 6th – 8th graders run 2 miles
• 9th – 12th graders run 3.1

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