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Led by our Fine Arts Director, Janet Peacock, One Act Play and Literary students have received many awards. Students must be in 8th-12th grade to participate. One Act begins meeting in August and competes in November. Literary Region Competitions are in February. We compete in the following:

One-Act Play                                                






Extemporaneous Speaking (U.S./Int’l)          

Impromptu Speaking                                

Oral Interpretation (Dramatic)                    

Oral Interpretation (Humorous)                    

Duo Interpretation                                    

Personal Essay

Argumentative Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Essay



One Act: 

  • 2017 Region Champion for Sunday Dinner
  • 2018 Region Champion for 100 Dresses
  • 2019 Region Runner Up for Whispers
  • 2020 Region Champion for Boxes
  • 2021 Region Champion for Gossip 


  • 1986 Region 4AA Champion
  • 1987 Region 2AA Champion 
  • 1988 Region 2AA Runner Up
  • 1989/90 Region 2AA Chamions
  • 1994/95 Region 4AA First Place
  • 1994/95 State Runner Upp Class AA
  • 1995/96 Region 4AA First Place
  • 2010 GISA Region 3A 2nd Runner Up
  • 2020 Region 1-A Champion
  • 2021 Region 1-A Runner Up
  • 2022 Region 6AA Runner Up